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My mom and I started Stacey&MOM with the idea of creating frozen ready to eat Korean entrees.  We were excited and quite frankly naive to say the least.  We had no idea how much capital it would take to make our dreams come to fruition.  One of our meals included the ingredient burdock root.  We always had some burdock root leftover and my mom had the brilliant idea of making burdock root chips.  We weren't exactly planning to create a snack line, but the chips were too good to resist and from that day on we made the decision to exchange one idea with a better idea and Stacey&MOM's Chips were born.

However, the chips weren't entirely my mom's idea.  Stacey&MOM's Lotus Root and Burdock Root were snacks that my grandmother made for my mom when she was a young child growing up in South Korea.
My mom grew up at a sea side city on the southern coast of South Korea called Yeosu City.  The best memories of my own childhood were spent at my mom's hometown.  We'd go to the local black sand beach on lazy humid summer days or huddle with my cousins and aunts underneath fluffy blankets sitting on heated floors eating roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes during cold winter nights.  And every night we'd fall asleep to the distant sounds of baritone trumpets of ships passing in the night.  To this day when I hear horns of ships, I can't help but be engulfed in nostalgia. 

My grandmother passed away earlier this year and never knew about Stacey&MOM nor her loving impact on how this all came to be.  My mom took her recipe and brought her methods to the 21st Century.

In those days dehydrators didn't exist so my grandmother sliced the Lotus Roots and Burdock Roots and laid them out in the sun with a thin linen cover over them for 24 hours before quickly frying them into a crunchy and tasty chips for my mom, my aunts and uncles.  Now we have commercial dehydrators and fryers to do most of the work.

My mom and I hope that you can create sweet memories while enjoying a taste of our childhood, motherland and the love that we put into crafting each and every bag of my grandmother's recipe.
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October 2017
With Love and Gratitude,
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