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What is a LOTUS ROOT?
A lotus root is the root of a lotus flower.  
It is native to tropical Asia and Queensland, Australia.

What is a Budrock Root?
Burdock Root is native to the Old World
as well Asia.  
The plants of Burdock have dark green
leaves and flower from July to October.
​Our chips are made from the taproot of
the Burdock plant or commonly known
as burdock root or oo-eong in Korean.

What are the benefits of a LOTUS ROOT?
Please read all about the benefits on our HERE.

What are the benefits of Burdock Root?
You can read all about the benefits of Burdock Root HERE.

How did Stacey&MOM come up with the idea of
Lotus Root Chips and Burdock Root Chips
You can read about our story at ABOUT .

What does Stacey&MOM's Lotus Root Chips taste like?
Our Lotus Root Chips are crunchy and tastes mildly
nutty with a hint of salt and garlic.

What does Stacey&MOM's Burdock Root Chips taste like?
A lot of our fans have commented that they taste like 
chicharrones (a vegan version) or crunchy tempura
vegetables with a hint of salt and garlic.
What is the best way to eat Stacey&MOM's
Lotus Root Chips and Burdock Root Chips?
You can eat them as is or with your favorite
dip such as guacamole, salsa or hummus.  
BTW, they are great
addition to salads instead of croutons!  YUM!

Can anyone eat Stacey&MOM's
Lotus Root Chips and Burdock Root Chips?

Where is Stacey&MOM's Chips made?
We have our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Where do you source your ingredients?
We purchase all of our ingredients locally in California.  
The Lotus Roots are sourced from
Asia where it is traditionally used in making food products.
The Burdock Roots are sourced in Asia where
it is plentiful and highly regarded for their medicinal benefits.
 The most common use of burdock root is for teas,
but my grandmother used to say it's better to eat
the entire root as it has a lot of fibers and there is no waste.

Will there be different flavors coming out?
We are in the works to introduce several new flavors!  
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Where can I buy Stacey&MOM's Lotus Chips?
Check out our ​​SHOP to purchase Stacey&MOM's
Lotus Root and Burdock Root Chips.